Specialists in photography and video projects where the intended visual-media content focuses on your brand, business or clients, and helps turn distracted consumers and users alike into an engaged audience. 


Partnering with you, we make original content, where story, insight, marketing, and distribution work together from the very start.

We work hard to provide the bast service we can for all of our clients. We don't like to haggle over price and the 'how’s and where’s of usage'. Because we appreciate that clients value 3 things above all else: Quality, Value and Simplicity (not necessarily in that order...).

We think our portfolio speaks for its self when it comes to quality. But we also know what it doesn't tell.

  • How much it might cost? 
  • How long it will take to create?
  • What makes what we do so different for you or your clients?

We like to make it as easy as possible for you by breaking down of the costs involved in your project. So you can easily see where your budget is going.

We know sometimes getting ideas out of a head and onto paper can be hard. So let us know if we need to dig deeper in your brain(s). Treat our estimates like your weekly shopping. If there is too much there, then lets put something back on the shelve. If we are too expensive, lets see if we have something through the back that still fits, but at the right cost for you. If... by some wonder, we are way under what you expect. Then know we can use any other funds to build out your project to truly deliver ‘bang for your buck’.

If you have a budget in mind, let us know and we can build something huge, or craft something tiny to hit the mark.

In a Columbo style moment let us leave you with ‘just one more thing’.

We have included Pre-Production regardless of whether you are an Agency, Direct Client or Individual Trader. Why? Because we like to work a little differently. We think it’s important to help you to find the spaces within. Where can you expand and build out you projects. Is this more expensive? Not at all! And the Pre-Production point is where we can show that. By breaking your project into smaller modular content blocks, (just like Lego) it will allow for massive flexibility for this and future projects. Sound fun? You bet it is, and it’s the single best way to get the most value out of your project.



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 Post Production